Organizer: Tim Grant (Event Director)

Map: Univ of Waterloo & Zeller W


The Stars Orienteering Club are hosting the final race of the 2012-2013 Orienteering Ontario O-Cup Series.

The Stars have planned an epic finale to challenge you both technically and physically.  The expected winning time will be around 75 min for the O-Cup course (times may vary depending on snow cover).  Due to the nature of this event the course cut-off will be extended past 90 min, final decision will be based on conditions that day.


  • O-Cup: This course will have a THOMASS 'box' (see Handicap System below for explanation of what a THOMASS box is). Top 50 finishers get points for the O-Cup series.
  • Kids O-Cup: This course is designed for kids 14 and under. The kids course is 2-3km in length and requires a novice level of navigation. Unlike the O-Cup Chase course, this course does not include a THOMASS 'box'.

Start Times 

REMEMBER : Change the clock saturday night !!!

And consider carpooling ( Towline Rd & hgh 401 have a carpool place, right on Lake Road. see map)

9 am - 9:50 am: Registration

9:50 am - 10 am: Walk to start line

10 am: O-Cup start

10:10 am: Kids O-Cup start

12:00 pm: Course Closes (may be adjusted based on conditions)

Snow conditions have improved, so probably a 2 hour time limit for this weekend.  Final decision will be made on Sunday and announced prior to race start.

O-Cup Format

The Stars O-Cup Finale will include a twist to the typical O-Cup format. As always, there will be mandatory, numbered controls that must be taken in sequence. There will also be a box of lettered controls that racers will apply their O-Cup handicap to. Unlike a typical O-Cup, the lettered box controls will be coupled in pairs forming 'dog bones'. Dog bone pairs must be done in sequence. The O-Cup handicap is applied to the pair. The diagram below gives an example:


In this example, there are 4 paired controls in the O-Cup box. A racer with a handicap of 2 would skip 2 of the paired dog bones, and complete 2 of the pairs. They could choose to do the d-D and c-C pairs. The racer may complete the pair in either direction (from d to D or from D to d). They must complete one pair before moving on to the next (complete both d and D before moving on to c and C).

O-Cup Handicap System

The O-Cup Chase course uses The Handicap Orienteering And Scoring System (THOMASS). The O-Cup Chase course will feature a box of 7 checkpoints which participants may visit in any order. Participants have the option to skip checkpoints in the box equal to their handicap point total. Handicap points for this year's chase will be awarded as follows:

  • 6 - Women 12 or younger, Men 12 or younger, Women 65 or older
  • 5 - Women 14 or younger, Men 14 or younger, Women 55 or older, Men 75 or older
  • 4 - Women 16 or younger, Men 16 or younger, Women 45 or older, Men 65 or older
  • 3 - Women 19 or younger, Women 35 or older, Men 55 or older
  • 2 - Women 20 to 34, Women ranked in the top 10 in Canada, Men 45 or older
  • 1 - Men 19 or younger, Men 35 or older
  • 0 - Men 20 to 34, Men ranked in the top 10 in Canada


Registration is now closed.

Registration closes on Friday (March 8th) at 11:59:59 pm.  There will only be a few extra maps printed so make sure you register in advance.


Results are here.



The O-Cup Finale is free for Stars Members. For all others:

Adult $20
Junior (<20) & Student $10
Family $40

Sport Ident Chip Timing

Please include your Sport Ident number when registering. If you need to rent a Sport Ident card, select the checkbox on the entry form and you will be charged a $2.50 rental fee (free for Stars Members). Note: The replacement cost for a Sport Ident Type 6 chip is $75.



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