Update Oct 12 : Training event was cancelled due to not reaching minimum required participants.

Update Sept 24: Please note that all training participants must pay the Albion Hills entry fee.

Join us for an evening training at Albion Hills.

We've got two courses, one at dusk (still day light) and one in the dark ( to test your night orienteering skills). The first course will be a beginner course of 2-3 km in length. The second course will be a longer 3-5 km course. Both courses will use a handicap system based on age and gender.

Fees: $12 - adult

$7 - under 12

Free - Stars members

Pre-register on this page before Thursday October 12. If we get 12 registrants the training will go ahead rain or shine. If the registration is lower than 12 or the weather conditions are poor, we reserve the right to move the training to a later date, and will refund 100% of the fees paid to those who cannot attend the rescheduled training.

We're hosting our annual MTB-O event at Albion Hills the next morning and we hope those racers who are planning to camp overnight will join us for some on-foot training the night before.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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