Organizer: Nick Duca (Event Director)

Map: Columbia Lake

a short run, a score-O, a short course, or any combination of those

Club Training

The Stars Club Training sessions take place throughout the year on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. At our training sessions, we run, navigate and have fun. The format changes from session to session, but there is always a mixture of running and orienteering. Training session are accessible to runners of all levels. Children should be accompanied by their parents.

Please register on the webpage for each training session that you plan to attend. This will help us print enough maps. Club training sessions are free to Stars Members, but everyone is welcome to join us. Non-members pay a fee of $10/session (first session) and $5/session for all other sessions in the year.


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short run & score-O

Nick Duca


short run & point to point course

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