Organizers: Dale Sukhall (Event Director), Tim Grant (Event Director)

Map: Puslinch T

The O-Cup schedule has been juggled this year. Historically, the Stars have hosted the final race of the season. This year we are hosting one of the first races in the series, so start training early and be ready to race hard!

If you attended our O-Cup two seasons ago at this location, you will remember having to slog through some heavy snow to make it through to the finish. This race will allow you to free those legs up and blaze the course - just remember to punch the controls! Or maybe we have 20cm of snow? Who knows!!

Race Update!

Wednesday November 26: It would appear as though the weather gods are smiling on us with a perfect day for orienteering forecast for this Sunday. Please note a small change to the race format below that affects only the 1 handicap runners.

Runners can expect to cover anywhere between 5 to 11km based on their handicap and route choice. The woods are great for running with all of last week's snow gone at the moment.





Map Scale: 1:5000

Contour Interval: 3m

Start Times

9:00 am - 9:50 am: Registration

9:50 am - 10 am: Start briefing

10:00 am: O-Cup start

12:00 pm: Course Closes (2 hour time limit)

O-Cup Handicap System

The O-Cup Chase course uses The Handicap Orienteering And Scoring System (THOMASS).

Participants have the option to skip checkpoints in each THOMASS box equal to their handicap point total. Handicap points for this year's course will be awarded as follows:

  • 6 - Women 12 or younger, Men 12 or younger, Women 65 or older
  • 5 - Women 14 or younger, Men 14 or younger, Women 55 or older, Men 75 or older
  • 4 - Women 16 or younger, Men 16 or younger, Women 45 or older, Men 65 or older
  • 3 - Women 19 or younger, Women 35 or older, Men 55 or older
  • 2 - Women 20 to 34, Women ranked in the top 10 in Canada, Men 45 or older
  • 1 - Men 19 or younger, Men 35 or older
  • 0 - Men 20 to 34, Men ranked in the top 10 in Canada

This year we are offering you an exciting new twist to the regular format. You are coming to the Summit to the Stars, right?

This is what awaits you.

Stars O-Cup Format

There are two 'Star' boxes, each with 6 controls and here is how it works.

Once in the box, a runner can start at any control that is part of the star. They will have a choice to go either left or right to the controls connected by the lines. After checking the required number of controls, they will leave the box to the numbered control.

With 6 controls in a box, a 6-handicap runner must take any 1 control (e.g. 'a'), a 5-handicap must take any 2 connected controls (e.g. 'a' to 'c'), a 4-handicap any 3 connected controls (e.g. 'a' to 'c' to 'f' in this order) and so on.

A 1-handicap runner may choose to 'close' the star (return to the first star control) OR get the free control ('e' or 'E') before leaving the box.

A 0-handicap runner must 'close' the star, go to the free control in the box, then leave the box.


The O-Cup is free for Stars Members. For all others:

Adult $25

Junior (<20) & Student $12

Family $45

Registration closes November 28. There will be 10 extra maps printed for first come first served registration on race day. Race day registration costs increase by $5.

Sport Ident Chip Timing

Please include your Sport Ident number when registering. If you need to rent a Sport Ident card, select the checkbox on the entry form and you will be charged a $2.50 rental fee (free for Stars Members). Note: The replacement cost for a Sport Ident Type 6 chip is $75.



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